About Us

               OUR MISSION and ACTIVITIES

The God AND Country NOW Mission is to educate people to be better Christians & Jews and Americans by connecting important current events with their growth as moral & patriotic individuals. We support and cooperate with many other religious and citizen local and national organizations that have similar missions.

In addition to our full-time members below, we work with many other individuals who volunteer their time and efforts to support our efforts in community and church meetings, gatherings, area conferences, mailings and social media, book and literature distribution, public petitions, prayers and peaceful protests.

Victor J. Melfa (Sr.) President 

God AND Country NOW is a non-profit organization that grew out of the Philanthropy Division of The Training Associates Corp. at which Vic was CEO and is now Chairman of the Board. Though our website was started in 2018, Vic has been active in similar activities most of his entire life and actually owned God and Country BOOKS in the early 1960s!

Vic is for “Less Government, More Individual Responsibility, and More Freedom”. He has been active in Fiscal & Social Conservativism all of his life believing in the principles of America’s Judaic-Christian heritage and that our country cannot be successful if our leaders and citizens are not moral. He believes our government should operate at its lowest practical level delegating up to the State & Federal levels only what is necessary. He believes in helping those that cannot help themselves and training all to grow their God given talents.

Vic providentially was a friend and classmate of the U.S. Supreme Court Justice, “Nino” Scalia, at St. Francis Xavier Military High School in New York City. In the 1960s God & Country Books nationally distributed popular Conservative, Moral and Religious books. He also worked as an area coordinator of the anti-communist and limited government John Birch Society promoting Barry Goldwater and helping to elect President Ronald Reagan. Vic has been a Trustee of Ave Maria University, on the Advisory Board of the Cardinal Newman Society (CNS), founder of the Holy Cross College CNS and a Patriotic 4th Degree Knight of Columbus. Vic co-founded: the Boston Chapter of Legatus (Catholic CEOs), and the largest IT Distribution, Training, and IT Staffing Associations including CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association). He has received Lifetime Achievement, two Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Company, and several Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. Early in his career, he was awarded technical appointments at the Los Alamos and Naval Research Laboratories.

Vic founded several high growth companies including the largest New England IT Manufacturer’s Rep, Distributor and Training companies. With his daughter he founded The Training Associates, the largest provider in the country of IT Training Talent & Solutions, serving as Chairman of the Board with his wife of 63 years.

Vic Melfa has a B.S. from the College of the Holy Cross, an MA and ABD in Physics from Columbia University and an MBA from Northeastern University. He has been a management consultant and taught mathematics and business courses at Boston College and Boston University respectfully.

Judy Melfa – Partner

Judy has worked with Vic in many roles over their 65 years of marriage! She now works with him in many aspects of God AND Country NOW as she did in his other companies. She has been indispensable in many functions including financial management, administration, human resources and business planning, enabling our companies to operate effectively and efficiently. Judy has held various positions including Accounting Manager, HR Manager, and Director of Administration.

Judy worked closely with Vic since the 1960s managing God And Country Books and then in his computer distribution and training companies helping them grow and achieve multiple awards in computer distribution and education. Judy has a B.A. in Languages from Regis College, has taught Spanish and Piano, and invests significant time in numerous philanthropic activities.

Cris Ardon - Administrative Assistant & Aide

 Cris has a strong understanding and commitment to our mission. She has worked with God AND County NOW for over 12 years in our Evangelization, Charity Management, Office Management activities, as well as a personal aide. This included a great variety of tasks in donations, mailings, database, web development, accounting, purchasing, research, conferences, computers, etc.

Cris has a quantity of talents developed over the years in assisted living facilities, hospitals and individual homes as a manager, administrative assistant, receptionist, scheduler, including manager of her own Beauty Studio. She is fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish, and is both a Certified Cosmetologist and Nurse Assistant.